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The Famous Five: Celebrity Divorce and Destruction

A San Jose family law attorney comments on celebrity splits

Time again for another edition of The Famous Five: celebrity divorces, custoday battles and all around “really…???” moments of the rich and (in)famous….

Gloria Vanderbilt the 11-year-old daughter of Reginald Vanderbilt was eventually awarded to her paternal aunt over her mother in the media-soaked custody battle after the death of her father. At the time her fortune was $4 million.

The tabloids caught the Marlon Brando slap-down from his former wife after he was awarded temporary custody of their 3-year old during their embattled divorce hearing.

Mia Farrow left Woody Allen in 1992 after finding nude pics of her daughter, Soon-Yi in the famously quirky director’s apartment. Farrow was awarded sole custody of their other daughter, Dylan.

Alec Baldwin is popular for turning the now popular divorce court phrase “parental alienation syndrome,” as yet unrecognized by the American Psychological Association. His much publicized split from actress Kim Basinger included the now infamous voicemail recording in which he referred to their daughter as a “thoughtless little pig.”

O.J. Simpson won custody of his two children by his deceased wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, but was forced to move closer to her family so that regular visitation could be had by her parents and extended family.

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