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The Buzz: Assemblywomen stymie divorce maneuver

Published 12:01 am PDT Monday, June 19, 2006 Story appeared on Page A3 of The Bee
Assemblywomen sent a clear message to Sen. Kevin Murray last week: no dice. They were angry over Senate Bill 1015, an effort to restrict public access to financial records in California divorcecases. The bill is seen as a favor to billionaire grocery magnate and financier Ron Burkle, whose spokesman denies any link.

Murray on Thursday tried to remove the bill’s urgency clause, a typically routine amendment allowing passage by 41 Assembly votes, not 54. But female lawmakers stymied the effort. Five voted yes, 14 no, and six abstained.
Many assemblywomen are pushing their own amendments, unacceptable to Murray, that would address concerns that women may suffer more in divorces from reduced access to their husbands’ financial records.

Even though this bill did not pass, there are times when you can petition the court to have the financial records in a case sealed. Usually the court will grant the request which is done by an Ex-Parte Order.

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