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Santa Clara Divorce Lawyer comments on Sean Penn’s Divorce Proceeding

Santa Clara County Divorce Lawyer Comments on Sean Penn’s Divorce Proceedings
On December 21, 2007, Robin Wright Penn filed for divorce from husband, Sean Penn, with the Marin County Superior Court, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple was married in 1996 and have two minor children together: Dylan Frances, 16, and Hopper Jack, 14. Child custody will undoubtedly be an issue that needs to be addressed within the divorce proceedings as both parties are seeking joint custody.

In unusual fashion, it appears that Sean Penn filed for divorce a few days earlier but later withdrew his petition. Thereafter, his wife, Robin Wright Penn, filed for divorce which still stands and a hearing in the matter has been scheduled for sometime in April. The couple have worked together in several films and after a record 11-year marriage in Hollywood terms, there will certainly be a great deal of issues related to division of marital property and potentially child support and spousal support.

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