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San Jose Family Law Attorneys Astounded at Mills Snub of McCartney Divorce Settlement Offer

What would you do for one million dollars? Ten million? One hundred million? This question is commonly asked of people in jest, yet it has become all too serious in the bitter divorce battle between Sir Paul McCartney and his estranged wife, Heather Mills. Santa Clara County divorce lawyers are astounded at the news that Mills has rejected McCartney’s offer of a $100 million divorce settlement on the grounds that it included a stipulation that she sign a gag order disallowing her from talking or writing about the couple’s married life together. Reports have surfaced that Mills offered to take half of the money, as long as the gag order was not included, but McCartney would not agree to these terms. Although McCartney has remained fairly quiet about what stands to be the most expensive divorce settlement in British history, he admitted to British Radio Times that his divorce is a “very painful thing” and that “the only solution is to remain dignified.” Divorces in the entertainment industry tend to be extremely high profile, and the McCartney-Mills divorce is certainly no exception. However, McCartney asserted that “if [he] doesn’t keep a silence about it, [he] lose[s] this idea about being dignified.” Apparently, however, not even $100 million is enough to keep Mills silent.

Many divorces in Santa Clara County involve proposed settlements that a client may find to be disagreeable. Our San Jose, Fremont, and Monterey divorce attorneys work closely with clients to ensure that they have a clear understanding of the terms of a settlement offer, and that no issues are left unaddressed. While the settlement may not be worth as much as the McCartney-Mills offer, our San Francisco Bay Area family attorneys realize that worth is measured in more than a dollar value, and that all aspects of a divorce agreement deserve the utmost consideration.

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