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San Jose Family Law Attorney Discusses the Effect of the Economic Crisis on Couples Seeking Divorce.

San Jose Family Law Attorney Discusses the Effect of the Economic Crisis on Couples Seeking Divorce

Conventional wisdom is that divorce rises during times of economic distress as financial issues add to the weight of already strained relationships. But this recession is proving to be a little different than previous recessions, and is causing many people to rethink the timing of a divorce.

In this economy, the person with the larger income will want to delay the divorce into next year so that he or she can show that their income is lower, thus potentially reducing spousal support and child support obligations. The spouse with the lower income has the opposite desire, to file while the income is higher, in order to gain better support in the settlement.

Housing is another issue altogether. With the precipitous drop in home values, many couples owe more than their home is worth, and do not want to force a sale during a down market. Some have even gone as far as to divorce but both remain in the home until they can sell it in a better market.

If you are considering divorce, we encourage you to consult with a family law attorney to discuss which options are best for you. Your lawyer can help you sort through the emotional, legal and financial issues that are contained within a difficult decision.

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