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San Jose Family Law Attorney Discusses Juvenile Dependency

San Jose Family Law Attorney Discusses Juvenile Dependency:

Juvenile Dependency involves children that have suffered physical or emotional harm, that have been abandoned by their parents or caretaker, or have special and unique problems that the parents or caretakers cannot deal with. Juvenile Dependency also deals with the adoption of children that cannot be returned to their parents, or have been abandoned by their parents. The people with a right to representation in a Juvenile Dependency proceeding are the children, both parents, guardians, caretakers or relatives of the children at issue. If you need advice from a San Jose Family Law Attorney regarding Juvenile Dependency, please call us today 408.279.2288.

Generally, a Juvenile Dependency case starts when there is a report to a social service agency or a law enforcement agency, that a child has been abused, abandoned, neglected or has such special needs that the parent or caretaker is unable to provide care for. An informal investigation takes place and the child may be removed from the home and placed in foster care or with a relative until the matter can be heard in court.

In a Juvenile Dependency matter there are a number of phases and proceedings. They follow in this order:
1. Arraignment and detention 2. Pretrial resolution conference 3. Adjudication 4. Disposition 5. Review hearings 6. Permanent plan 7. Adoption and or guardianship plans
If you have a question related to a Juvenile Dependency matter, call our experienced team of San Jose family law attorneys. We represent children, parents, guardians, relatives, prospective adoptive parents, de facto parents, and foster parents. We have five Bay Area locations, including San Mateo, Redwood City, San Jose, Monterey and Fremont. We offer a free consultation, either in person or over the phone. Call today to schedule your free consultation with an experienced San Jose Family Law Attorney 408.279.2288.