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San Jose Divorce Lawyer says it sucks to date Football Stars

San Jose Divorce Lawyer says it sucks to date Football Stars
With the birth of the internet and wide spread access to television, many a B list celebrity has their personal life in the tabloid news. For example, it is doubtful anybody would care that soon to be divorced Jon (from Jon and Kate plus 8) may have new girlfriend because we only wanted to see him try and feed 8 kids without them destroying the kitchen. (It is good to know he was human like the rest of us and couldn’t do it without cracking). Now we wonder what his child support and custody and visitation will look like!

NFL football players also qualify for the B list celebrity gossip. In theory, we watch our football heroes on Sundays to see a rousing match of pigskin. We don’t really care who they are dating or how hard their relationship is. Or do we?

Last season, much fanfare was made about Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and his relationship with Jessica Simpson. Fans were quick to blame Jessica for Tony’s crucial losses that kept the Cowboys from advancing. The sad part of the story comes from the recent news that Tony Romo recently dumped Jessica. On the night before her 29th birthday. Only in the football world would you hear cheers for a guy to dump his girlfriend the night before her birthday.

The life of football girlfriend is hard, regardless of celebrity status. Even model and reality star Kim Kardashian broke up with New Orleans Saints Reggie Bush. Reggie has the start of the season coming up and it seems like he will have no time to “keep up with Kim Kardashian” as she starts the fourth season of her show.

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