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San Jose Divorce Lawyer Discusses West Wing Actor is Divorcing Malcolm in the Middle Wife

San Jose Divorce Lawyer Discusses West Wing Actor is Divorcing Malcolm in the Middle Wife
Bradley Whitford, known primarily for his role on The West Wing, is divorcing his wife of sixteen years, Jane Kaczmarek. The parties have three children together, and have professed to the media a desire for privacy so they can focus on their children.

The longtime couple lives in Los Angeles, and filed for dissolution in Los Angeles County. This means their dissolution will be controlled by California community property law. Possible issues include custody and visitation, support (child and spousal support) and property division.

Child support is likely going to be granted to the primary custodial parent, using California’s guideline support calculator. This calculator focuses on income and respective timeshare between the parents. Because the parties are both fairly high earners, the court may decide to deviate from guideline if that calculation results in an extraordinary amount of support.

Spousal support is less likely. Both parties are successful actors, with Ms. Kaczmarek currently starring in Raising the Bar, and Mr. Whitford engaging in theatrical and film pursuits of late.

There is no information as yet about the extent of the parties’ assets, or how they have been acquired. After a marriage of 16 years, it seems likely there will be substantial amounts of community property to divide up, unless the parties entered into a prenuptial agreement.

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