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San Jose Divorce Lawyer Discusses Toronto Raptors Player In Child Support Dispute

San Jose Divorce Lawyer Discusses Toronto Raptors Player In Child Support Dispute

Chris Bosh, the power forward for the Toronto Raptors, is the subject of a complaint filed in the state of Maryland by an ex-girlfriend seeking child support for their four month old daughter. Mr. Bosh, through representatives, has claimed to already be financially supporting the child, and to have filed a suit in Texas prior to the child’s birth to ensure child support (and custody). The parties are likely to be engaging in a jurisdictional suit as well as a substantive one about support itself.

Why, you ask, does it matter what state support is established in? Every state has slightly different laws regarding the calculation of child support, and in this case, some states are more generous than others, especially where one parent is an exceptionally high earner such as Mr. Bosh likely is. Apparently Texas has a rule of thumb that support is usually up to and no more than $1,500 in support unless a judge decides a specific child has needs that warrant a larger amount. This is different from California, for example, where child support is calculated from a formula using income and timeshare, and leaves very little to the discretion of judges.

Sometimes, in cases of professional athletes or other high-earners, the court in California will deviate from the computer formula, known as “guideline”, because the amount may be excessive. Other times, however, the court will go with the guideline formula because under California law, children are entitled to live in the same standard of living as their parents, whenever possible. A professional athlete such as Mr. Bosh likely earns in excess of $1 million dollars annually, and probably lives a lifestyle similar to what is expected of someone with that earning potential. The child, under California law, would be entitled to share in the lifestyle of that parent.

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