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San Jose Divorce Lawyer Comments on Britney Spears Holiday Visitation Fight

On November 26, 2007, Britney Spears was granted visitation with her two sons with Kevin Federline on Christmas morning. Currently Federline has full custody of both Sean and Jayden and Spears has only two weekly supervised visits, one of which is overnight. At the conclusion of the closed-door hearing Los Angeles Superior Court spokesperson Allan Parachini confirmed: “There was extensive discussion and agreement on the visitation over the holiday period. It’s different from the existing [custody] schedule.”

It is unclear whether the parties were able to come to an agreement or if the Judge made the order himself. However Federline’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan did state: “Kevin thinks it’s absolutely appropriate that they both get to see the kids over the holidays.”

Apparently Spears isn’t the only one who should be worried about custody though as reports claim both Spears and Federline are under investigation by DCFS regarding their parenting of the two toddlers. Spears was previously investigated twice this year by DCFS. An inside source tried to play down the report by stating that the allegations were not particularly alarming and that the department has a legal obligation to investigate all such claims.

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