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San Jose Divorce attorney discusses new online legal resource for woman

Woman who are separated, divorced, or facing divorce can now turn to a online resource which provides practical tips, advice, and a support network all for free. The Modern Woman’s Guide to Divorce, is a site created by Helene Taylor, a former family law attorney based in the Bay Area. Check out the Having represented several women going through acrimonious divorces, and also having gone through the process herself, Taylor’s aim in creating the website was to empower woman going through divorce. The website differs from other divorce websites which already exist in that it is neither a general legal resource, nor network of strangers. Instead, it has state specific resources and links, as well as, articles and tips that show women how to tackle problems which are common to every divorce such as support, custody, division of community property, regardless of where the divorce is filed. The website also has an interactive toolbox filled with worksheets and checklists designed to help woman accomplish difficult tasks such as preparing for divorce, interviewing lawyers, appearing in court, settling their cases and enforcing judgments. Furthermore, the website offers a Member’s Forum that allows women to connect directly with other women in similar situations to gain knowledge through personal experience. Although the website is not a replacement for a family law attorney, it is a good starting place and designed to help women navigate both practical and emotional aspects of divorce.

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