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San Jose Child Custody Lawyer Update: Basinger v. Baldwin – The Repercussions of the Infamous Voicemail from Baldwin to his 10-Year Old Daughter

Who can forget Alec Baldwin’s infamous voicemail left for his 11-year old daughter in which he is ranting and raving, calling her a “rude, thoughtless little pig” and lashing out at his ex-wife, Kim Basinger? It appears Baldwin became enraged when his daughter, Ireland, failed to take his call at a pre-arranged time, prompting him to leave her the voicemail in which he tells her he that he is tired of playing games with her and threatens to fly out to her to straighten her out. Upon hearing the message, Basinger requested a closed door emergency custody hearing at the Los Angeles family court. When the voicemail was played in court, the judge temporarily suspended Baldwin’s visitation rights.

The Basinger v. Baldwin custody battle has been waging on for years since the couple’s divorce in 2001 and is one of the nastiest in Hollywood history. Until the infamous voicemail was leaked by the press, the couple’s daughter, Ireland, had been living in Los Angeles with Basinger while Baldwin lived in New York and enjoyed regular visitation. Following the leak of Baldwin’s angry voicemail to his daughter, the actor publicly apologized but the damage had already been done with the court’s suspension of Baldwin’s visitation rights.

Following the suspension of Baldwin’s custody rights another hearing in this matter was called at which time Baldwin’s custody rights were expected to be reinstated. However, it appears that the judge overseeing the case ruled in Basinger’s favor. Although details of the closed door hearing were not revealed, Basinger’s attorney told reporters that they were “very, very pleased with the judge’s thoughtful decision and fully support what she did here today.” What this incident shows more than anything is how child custody disputes often times continue to be hotly contested following divorces as well as the damaging effects such ongoing battles have on all parties involved, especially children. This case is a prime example of what not to do during a child custody dispute which is difficult in any case but especially so when the parties are in the celebrity spotlight.