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San Jose Bankruptcy Attorney comments on the bankruptcy and divorce of the gunman who killed a San Diego casino employee.

San Jose Bankruptcy Attorney  comments on the bankruptcy and divorce of the gunman who killed a San Diego casino employee.

Donnell Roberts, who had recently been fired by the Barona Gaming Commission, barged into the Barona Resort and Casino offices and shot and killed Raymundo Castillas, a manager at the facility.  Roberts allegedly told several secretaries and other employees to leave before going into Castillas’ office and shooting him before turning his gun on himself.

Roberts had filed for bankruptcy in 2003 citing difficulty paying his child support obligations to the six women with whom he had fathered children.  He was granted his bankruptcy discharge in 2008.  His temper and financial issues led to his divorce in 2006 from his wife, Maria Small, with whom Roberts had a 12-year old child.

Roberts started at the Barona Resort & Casino as a security guard, and was promoted to an investigator position with the gaming authority.  He was dismissed in November, 2009, but it is unclear at this time if Mr. Castillas is the person responsible for firing Mr. Roberts.

Robert’s co-workers were surprised by his actions, citing his polite demeanor and professional manner on the job. The Barona Gaming Commission is an independent regulatory body that oversees operations at the casino and resort. It has about 40 employees to issue licenses to the casino’s 3,000 employees and investigate allegations of wrongdoing.

Gunman kills Barona official, himself, San Diego Union Tribune, December 30, 2009
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