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San Francisco Divorce Lawyer Discusses Divorce

San Francisco Divorce Lawyer Discusses Divorce

There was a time when divorces were not common and many people will hold on to their marriage no matter what happened. However, through the years, when married couples started to encounter problems in their marriage, they would turn to divorce more and more to solve their problems. The divorce statistic is getting higher each year. What is the reason and why do marriages fail? Andrew Kristen in his article “Why do Marriages Fail?” gives us some insight into some of the top reasons as outlined below:

1. Lack of care and concern. When one party is spending too much time outside such as work, friends or hobbies, this can fade the love slowly in the relationship leading to no communication and understanding in each other.

2. Nagging. too much nagging can be bothersome causing adverse impact on the marriage.

3. Possessive and Jealousy. Being possessive is not showing out your love to the person. When a person is too possessive, he or she will get jealous and controlling over small issues as well. Reacting like this is as good as taking away the freedom and space in the marriage.

4. No Respect Respecting each other is one way to make a marriage strong and happy. Criticizing and not showing respects can kill a marriage slowly.

5. Arguments. Arguments are one top reason why marriages fail. It all begins when one party does not know how to fight fairly. Disagreements occur when both react negatively.

6. Overboard Habits. Each person has different habits. However, when it is hurting the family or relationship, quarrels become more frequent. Bad habits such as gambling, drugs, violence are very difficult for most people to accept.

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