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Sacramento Family Law Attorney Discusses Child Support for 21 Children

Sacramento Family Law Attorney Discusses Child Support for 21 Children

Tennessee man has 21 children to support, and not from the same woman. The children ranger in age from 11 years to 11 months. How you ask, can a man possibly pay child support for 21 children? Apparently in, Tennessee, he can’t. Some of the mothers only receive about $2 in child support from him every month. $2! Clearly these mothers end up requiring state assistance in many cases with such a miniscule amount of child support being paid.

Most states calculate child support on the basis of income and timeshare. It no longer depends exclusively on income or requires one parent to pay a certain percentage regardless of timeshare. And, most states, Tennessee included, adjust child support based on the number of children to support. And all states require child support where the custodial parent is receiving public assistance.

This man does not live in California, but it seems as though there is a lot of similarity between the states. California law requires both parents to support their children. Child support is calculated using a formula that considers the incomes of both parties, as well as the timeshare. Typically, this formula results in a number which becomes the child support amount. Sometimes, courts will adjust the number either up or down to reflect additional expenses, or for some other reason.

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