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Sacramento Family Law Attorney Discusses Affect of Filing a Family Law Case on Travel with Children

Sacramento Family Law Attorney Discusses Affect of Filing a Family Law Case on Travel with Children
Now that we are in the midst of summer and vacation plans are being made – visits to grandma’s house, trips to Disneyland, etc., many people who are in the early stages of a family law case should be aware of what their limitations may be and plan their vacations accordingly.
Often times when someone opens a family case – either a dissolution, custody and visitation or paternity case, they are usually unaware of what exactly the repercussions are of filing. In California, when a family law case is opened, a Summons is issued and a standard family law restraining order is issued. This is also referred to as the Automatic Temporary Restraining Order (ATRO). The Petitioner, party who filed the case, is automatically subject to the ATRO upon filing the case, and the Respondent is subject to the ATRO upon being personally served with the Summons.
The ATRO specifically prohibits both parties from “removing the minor child or children of the parties, if any, from the state without the prior written consent of the other party or an order of the court.” This means that if you are a party to a family law case, you should not be planning on traveling outside of California without first getting permission from the other party or first requesting permission from the Court. For example, if Mom filed for divorce and was planning on taking the children to Washington to visit grandma, she better first ask Dad if its okay, or request permission from the Court.
Parents who are further into the court process should also take further caution. Generally when a court makes orders regarding custody and visitation, they may also make orders preventing both parties from traveling outside that particular county without the permission from the other party or the Court. This practice is common in most counties.

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