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Sacramento Divorce Lawyer Discusses Jon and Kate Plus 8 Rumored to Be Splitting

Sacramento Divorce Lawyer Discusses Jon and Kate Plus 8 Rumored to Be Splitting
The internet is abuzz with rumors that Jon and Kate Gosselin, of Jon and Kate Plus 8 fame, are splitting up. Putting aside the actual truth of such a rumor, let’s examine the many issues a divorce with eight children and a tv show produces. Let’s further fictionalize the situation by setting it in California.

Custody and Visitation

Custody and visitation are not going to be substantially different with eight kids than with two, except it presents logistical problems for the parents in terms of transportation. Another issue that may present is living arrangements and whether all 8 kids would have the same schedule. Many families cannot afford two residences comparable to the one residence they shared, regardless of the size of said family. Would the Gosselins have the same problem? After all, they currently have an enormous house, but its one where the children share bedrooms. Additionally, the Gosselins have substantial resources, so were they to split, those resources could ease that transition.

Child Support

Child support depends on visitation and income, as discussed in previous blog posts. The Gosselins likely earn a significant income from their tv show. However, its in no way clear that a tv show premised on a big happy family would continue in the event of a divorce. There’s no way to predict how high or low a child support order would be in a case like this. If one or both parents is a high earner, support will be higher than if the parents are low to moderate earners. Additionally, caring for 8 children is, in and of itself, a full time job, so the parents may want to consider the high cost of child care if both parents are working. Remember, in California, parents are required to split the cost of work related child care. Even for school age children, after school care multiplied by 8 is going to add up quickly.

Division of Property

Aside from the family residence, the Gosselins would likely have a pot of money earned in the course of the tv show. Obviously these funds were earned during marriage and are community property. One or the other party may also have some funds from prior to marriage, which would be separate property.

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