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Sacramento Divorce Lawyer discusses divorce and dividing assets

Sacramento Divorce Lawyer discusses divorce and dividing assets

Not all divorce cases are contentious cases where the parties are fighting over every penny of their estate. Many times, there are ways where the parties are able to resolve their issues on their own and have very amicable divorces. The California judicial system promotes both parties settling matters without the stepping in to do so for them. Therefore, the judge in a divorce case will most likely refer the parties to mediation before the court will make any decisions on the pending issues to give the parties a chance to work out the details on their own.

At the mediation session, the mediator generally gives an opening introduction of the mediator’s expertise, how the process works, what the mediator understands about the issues in dispute and asks for the commitment of both parties that they are at the mediation in good faith to try to resolve the issues in the case, and asks each side generally for a non-confrontational opening statement. The mediator generally separates the parties into two rooms and shuttles between the parties to help them narrow their issues and come to an agreement. The agreement that is made is reduced to writing and signed by the parties. The parties do not have to see each other during the mediation, which lessens the tensions between the parties and better promotes settlement.

It’s always better to have you be in control of your own assets and your own decisions then letting the court make those decisions for you. Thus, if you are ever referred to mediation, take advantage of the time to settle the matter amicably and in a way that is comfortable for you.

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