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Sacramento Divorce Lawyer Disccusses the Effects of Divorce on Children

Sacramento Divorce Lawyer Disccusses the Effects of Divorce on Children

During a divorce, it is always hard for the kids to deal with their parents separation. Many kids feel abandonment or even that it is their fault that their parents are getting divorced. One of the most harming situations for a child going through this situation is the parents fighting over custody and visitation. Many times this will cause the kids anxiety and force them to decide which parent to turn to. Holidays are one of the worst times to go through a custody battle. Making a child choose between a parent during the holidays will cause the child to not only resent the parents but also ruins their holidays altogether. Susanna Schrobsdorff from Newsweek offers some helpful tips for parents when it comes to splitting holiday time with the kids.

1. Communicate and coordinate with your child’s other parent.
A brief e-mail, telephone message or conversation can insure that you don’t duplicate presents or plan back-to-back feasts for stuffed and confused children. Ten minutes now can save days (or weeks) of fuming later.

2. Work out the details.
Work out exactly where your children will be during what times: when, where and how exchanges will take place. Your children will feel more secure, and all of you will avoid frustration and disappointment.

3. Celebrate with your children’s other parent.
Consider celebrating part of the holidays together with your children’s other parent, especially if your separation is fairly recent.

4. Set up a plan for next year now.
If you went through the agony of 11th-hour negotiations this year, set up a plan for next year now. Everyone will be happier knowing what is coming, and avoiding conflict on the eve of the holidays.

5. Plan in advance with your extended family.
Work things out in advance with your own extended family, too, whether that means that you say no, spend the holidays a little differently than usual or ask for your family’s understanding and help.

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