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Paternity Test?: Anna Nicole Smith And Ex-Boyfriend Wait For Court’s Decision

Reality TV star and model Anna Nicole Smith and her ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead are waiting to hear from a court on whether or not a paternity test will be ordered to determine who is the father of Smith’s baby daughter.

Birkhead has wanted to take the test because he believes that he is 3-month old Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern’s father. Smith has refused to comply, insisting that her current boyfriend Howard Stern is the baby’s father. Birkhead filed a lawsuit, and the hearing last week at Los Angeles Superior Court was to make the determination about the test. Judge Robert A.Schnider is expected to make a decision next week.

Why paternity test?
· To establish an accurate medical history for the child.
· To prevent disputes in adoption.
· To create a record for immigration.
· To foster peace of mind for all involved parties.
· To obtain child support.
· To determine the birth father.
· To determine the birth mother (cases of switching babies in the hospital shortly after birth.)

How do DNA tests usually work?
A child inherits half of his or her genetic makeup from his/her mother and the other half from his/her father. The DNA reveals a control batch of genetic markers belonging to everyone involved. The mother’s genetic markers are identified first, and the the remaining markers are compared with the alleged father’s. All the markers will match the alleged father’s markers if he is really the biological father. If the mother is not tested, then a larger batch of control markers are taken from the child and the alleged father. If half the markers match the father’s markers, then he is identified as the child’s biological father.

Purposes of various kinds of paternity testing:·
· DNA – To confirm the birth parents of a child.
· Buccal Swab – Samples for testing may be obtained by using cotton swabs to collect cells by stoking the lining of the inner cheek. This procedure is especially useful for newborns and small children. It is painfree and as effective as a blood sample with virtually no recollection.
· Forensic Testing – Genetic testing may be used as evidence in comparing samples of victims and suspects in violent and non-violent crimes such as homicides, breaking and entering, incest, rape, etc.
· Abnormal Specimen Testing – Genetic testing can sometimes be performed on an aged blood, bone or tissue sample.
· Family Studies – It is possible to do genetic testing on remaining family members, when a party in question is unavailable.

Test Purpose/Samples Needed From:
· Routine Paternity – Additional Sample/Mother, child, alleged father
· Motherless Paternity – Additional Sample/Child, alleged father only
· Prenatal Paternity – Amniocentesis CVS/Mother, fetus, alleged father
· Absent Alleged Father Paternity/Mother – child, both paternal grandparents · Routine Paternity – Mother, child, alleged father
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