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Oops! She’s At It Again: Santa Clara County Child Custody Attorneys Examine the Britney Spears Emergency Custody Filing

Over the past several months, those following the child custody dispute between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline would describe the troubled pop starlet’s behavior as “erratic”, at best. Now, it appears that Santa Clara County family law attorneys can add “erratic court filings” to the long list of unstable behaviors exhibited by Ms. Spears. In an apparent moment of desperation, Britney decided to file an emergency court motion on October 10 in an attempt to receive expanded visitation rights with her two boys. Since the October 1st hearing, at which she was ordered to hand over 1-year-old Jayden James and 2-year-old Sean Preston to their father until further review by the court, Spears has mysteriously managed to pass a couple of drug tests and a driver’s exam. Does this qualify her as a fit mother who deserves unmonitored overnight visits? Our San Jose child custody attorneys found the following quote by Federline’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, to be an interesting assessment of Britney’s legal savvy:
“The fact that a party, one week after a full court hearing, attempts to change the orders of the court, in the absence of an emergency or without any new facts, suggests a continued lack of respect and understanding for what an order of the court actually means.”

Further indicating Spears’s grasp on the significance of her decisions, the pop princess was a no-show at the hearing held specifically to address her request this morning. If her absence from the courtroom today is due to prior engagements that resemble her recent escapades as of late, things don’t look to good for Britney. This week, she has managed to release a music video on YouTube in which she is depicted as a stripper writhing around on a pole with her hands acting as poor substitutes for clothing. On the day she filed the emergency child custody motion, she made another one of her infamous undergarment-less exits from an automobile. As the court-appointed monitor has the discretion to strip Spears of her visitation rights, should her behavior be deemed dangerous or inappropriate in the presence of children, let’s hope that monitor has never heard of YouTube. Or the internet. The right to receive custody of one’s children is not to be taken lightly by an individual who has had problems proving his or her ability to be a responsible parent. Our San Francisco Bay Area family attorneys know that stars should never be exempt from the parental duties of the average person…whether you live in Hollywood or have a Santa Clara County child custody case, you must always treat your role as a parent seriously.