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Monterey Family lawyer comments on TV star’s child support case

San Jose Family Lawyer

Goran Visnjic had agreed to pay $1,800.00 per month in child support to a Croatian woman who filed a suit against him in Croatian court. Visnjic originally contested her claim that he was the father of the child, who was conceived in 2006. However, Visnjic had been sending $1,000.00 per month checks to her before the suit was filed, but an ugly public smear campaign ensued when Visnjic stopped sending the checks. Ultimately, Visnjic abandoned his plans of contesting paternity and instead accepted her as his daughter. Visnjic will also have once a month visitation with the child.

$1,800 may seem like a lot of money, but Visnjic should be grateful he does not live in California. Attorneys in our office think that he’s getting a pretty good deal. Although $1,800 a month may be a large sum in Croatia (possibly a good monthly income), Visnjic is a high earner, and his child would be entitled to live in a lifestyle similar to the one he maintains. California uses a formula to determine child support, based on the timeshare between the parties and their respective incomes.

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