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Mick Fleetwood Bankruptcy

On March 28th, Mick Fleetwood filed for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the Central District of California, listing assets of $2,404,430 and debts of $3,697,163. After a hearing on May 29th, all of his assets were turned over to a court-appointed trustee, Arnold Kupetz.

“Our job is to take possession of everything Mr. Fleetwood owns, to sell it and make a distribution to the creditors and the tax people,” says Jan Copley, an attorney assisting Kupetz.

To satisfy creditors, Copley and Kupetz have attempted to sell Fleetwood’s $2.2 million Malibu home – known as the Blue Whale – and have arranged with BMI to receive all royalties due him, including one-third of the proceeds from Fleetwood Mac Music, which holds the rights to the band’s hit songs.