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Marvin Gaye Bankruptcy

Marvin Gaye was known as one of the greatest soul singers of all time. Gaye had numerous single hits that was number 1 on the charts several times. All of his fame and success was taken down financially by a divorce. Marvin filed for bankruptcy in 1976, after failing to keep up with alimony payments.

According to reporters, Gaye owed over $600,000 to his ex-wife. Marvin told his ex-wife that she could have the royalties to his next album, which was actually about his feelings towards the divorce. Although he kept performing, Marvin was still dealing with financial issues including drug problems as well.

After what seemed for him to be making a comeback with another album that he released, Gaye passed away in 1984, the day before he turned 45. The cause of death was a heated argument between Marvin and his father, causing his father to kill him.