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In The United States, The Number of International Adoptions Go Down In 2006

The number of foreign children adopted by american citizens dropped significantly last year. Countries that were affected by this decline included Russia, Ukraine, China, and South Korea. There were, however, an increase in foreign adoptions in Liberia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, and Haiti.

According to the U.S. State Department, international adoption figures dipped from 22,728 in 2005 to 20,679. For the 15 years prior to last year, these numbers had been dramatically increasing.

In China, the number one source of foreign adoptions for Americans, figures there fell from 7906 to 6493 last year. In Russia, previously the number two place for adoptions, the rate of foreign adoptions from there dropped to 3,706. Romania has banned adoptions by foreign parents, unless they are related to the child. Kazakhstan and Ukraine are now making it mandatory for foreign parents to turn in regular reports about their adopted children.

Guatemala, now the number two spot for adoptions by U.S. parents, saw their number of foreign adoptions grow to 4135. This figure, however, may change this year. The US is scheduled to ratify the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoptions. The pact has tough standards that Guatemala doesn’t meet and adoptions from there could be suspended.

The U.S. State Department offers the following orphan visa statistics for foreign children and babies entering the United States because of adoptions in 2005:

* 7,906 – China (Mainland)
* 4,639 – Russia
* 3,783 – Guatemala
* 1,630 – S. Korea
* 821 – Ukraine
* 755 – Kazakhstan
* 441 – Ethiopia
* 323 – India
* 291 – Colombia
* 271 – Philippines
* 231 – Haiti
* 182 – Liberia
* 141 – China (Taiwan Born)
* 98 – Mexico
* 73 – Poland and Thailand (Both 73)
* 66 – Brazil
* 65 – Nigeria
* 63 – Jamaica
* 62 – Nepal
* 54 – Moldova
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