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In San Jose, Domestic Violence Victims Are Memorialized By Kaiser

Domestic Violence Awareness Month takes place every October to raise awareness of domestic violence, remember the millions of victims who have been injured or killed as a result of domestic violence, and honor its survivors.

In Santa Clara County, three Kaiser medical professionals, Lisa Munoz, Cassandra Floyd, and Stephanie Rodriguez, were honored on October 4 with a fountain dedicated to their memory and the memories of all victims of domestic violence.

Optical services employee Munoz was killed by an ex-boyfriend in 1999. Floyd, an OB-GYN at Kaiser Permanente’s Santa Teresa Medical Center, was murdered by her ex-husband in 2001. Rodriguez, a medical education coordinator, was killed by her husband in 2003.

In 2006, Santa Clara County has so far reported 5 deaths due to domestic violence incidents.

In 2005:

· 160 Californians were killed as a result of domestic violence.
· California law enforcement agencies received 181,362 domestic violence calls.
· 93,027 calls involved weapons, which included firearms and knives.

According to, in 2004:

· 138 women were killed by their husbands, ex-husbands or boyfriends in California.
· 26 men were killed by their wives, ex-wives or girlfriends.
· California law enforcement received 186,439 domestic violence calls.
· 97,736 calls involved weapons, which included firearms and knives.

According to the American College of Emergency Physicians:

· Domestic violence, also known as partner abuse, spouse abuse, or battering, occurs when one person uses force to inflict injury, either emotional or physical, upon another person they have, or have had, a relationship with. It occurs between spouses and partners, parents and children, children and grandparents, and brothers and sisters. Victims can be of any age, race, or gender.

· Domestic violence is the single largest cause of injury to women between the ages of 15 and 44 in the United States.

· Each year, in the U.S., between 2 million and 4 million women are battered, and 2,000 of these battered women will die of their injuries.

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