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In Divorce Proceedings, Sideways Director Alexander Payne Files A Response Refusing To Pay Spousal Support To Actress Sandra Oh

Writer-director Alexander Payne does not want to pay his ex-wife, actress Sandra Oh, spousal support. In his response to her divorce claim, he is asking a court to deny the Grey’s Anatomy star her request for spousal support. The couple was officially divorced last December, but they have not yet settled their financial affairs.

In California, there are a number of factors that a judge must consider before ruling on spousal support. These include:

– The needs of each person.
– The number of years the marriage lasted.
– The amount of money each person makes.
– The potential of each person to make money in the future.
– How much support a person is able to pay.
– The overall health and fitness of each person.
– Whether one person must stay home to take care of the children.
– If there was a history of domestic violence in the relationship.
– Who owns what property or owes any debts.
– If one person’s earning potential is less because they took time off from work to help the other person build their career or stay home with the children.

Spousal support gives financial support to one spouse in a divorce who may be in need of financial assistance. Spousal support usually continues until one of the ex-spouses dies, the ex-spouse receiving support remarries, or the judge or court decides to terminate the spousal support. If a judge issues a spousal support order and the ex-spouse being ordered to make payments does not do so, then the other spouse may ask the judge to enforce the order.

In California, common remedies when an ex-spouse does not pay the spousal support ordered by the court include:

1) Finding the party who doesn’t pay spousal support in contempt. A person found in contempt may have to pay a fine or face jail time.
2) The court may order an ex-spouse’s employer to directly take the support amount from the ex-spouse’s pay check to pay the spouse.
3) Writ of Execution: One party asks the court to seize the other party’s assets in order to obtain the payments owed.
4) Going to court to determine the exact amount that is owed-if that amount is in dispute.

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Payne Denies Oh Spousal Support, Actress, January 23, 2007

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