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In California, Singer Whitney Houston Files For Divorce From Bobby Brown

Singer Whitney Houston filed for divorce from husband Bobby Brown last week. Houston appeared in Orange County Superior Court to file her divorce papers. Houston had filed for legal separation from Brown last month. She is asking to be granted custody of daughter Bobbi Kristina. She is also requesting that Brown being allowed visitation rights. The couple got married in 1992.

Brown recently paid $11,000 in delinquent child support for his two teenage children with ex-girlfriend Kim Ward.

In California, grounds for filing divorced can be based on:

· Irreconcilable differences.
· Incurable insanity.

The residency requirements for filing for divorce in California:
· You must have lived in California for the last 6 months.
· You must have lived in the county where you plan to file the divorce for the last 3 months.

Steps for filing for a regular divorce in California:
· Filing the divorce complaint at a court in the county that where you live.
· Having the Original Petition for Divorce delivered to your spouse.

Once the divorce papers have been filed, California has a mandatory six-month waiting period before a divorce is finalized.

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