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In California, David Hasselhoff’s Ex-Wife Files For More Spousal and Child Support

Pamela Bach, the former Baywatch star and ex-wife of actor David Hasselhoff is asking a California judge to increase her spousal and child support payments. She filed papers in court this month and is asking that her monthly spousal support be increased to $45,463. She also wants her monthly child support payments to be raised to $31,546. The couple have been divorced since July 2006.

In California, a judge calculates spousal support by taking into consideration the following:

· How long the couple has been married or been in a legal domestic partnership.
· The age and health of each spouse.
· How much income each can earn on their own.
· What the expenses of each spouse are.

· Whether there are minor children at home.
· The history of the way the couple handled money during the marriage.
· Debts and property.
· Whether one spouse or domestic partner helped the other get an education, training, career, or professional license.
· Whether there was domestic violence in the marriage or domestic partnership.
· Whether one spouse’s, or domestic partner’s, career was affected by unemployment or by taking care of the children or home.
· The tax impact of spousal support.

Unless parents can agree on the amount of child support, a judge will use the following guidelines to calculate the amount:

· How much money the parents earn or can earn.
· How much other income each parent receives.
· How many children these parents have together.
· How much time each parent spends with their children.
· The actual tax filing status of each parent.
· Support of children from other relationships.
· Health insurance expenses.
· Mandatory union dues.
· Mandatory retirement contributions.
· The cost of sharing daycare and uninsured health-care costs.
· Other factors, such as traveling for parental visitations, educational expenses, etc.

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