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Husband Of Grayson Woman Accused Of Having Sex With Two Teenagers Files For Divorce Four Days After Her Arrest

The husband of Anna Walker, 35, a mother who is accused of having sex with two teenagers and giving beers to several others who were later injured in a car accident, has filed for divorce. Atwater police officer David Walker filed his petition for divorce on January 30, four days after her arrest. He cited irreconcilable differences as the reason and asked for sole custody of their son. In his divorce petition, he said that his wife’s arrest had forced him to temporarily remove their son from school so he won’t have to “suffer the humiliation of his mother’s crime.” Mr. Walker also took time off from work to care for his son. Mr. Walker said that Mrs. Walker’s other two children were also removed from their home by their fathers who live outside California.

Judge Rick Distaso awarded Mr. Walker sole custody of her son. Mr. Walker said that his wife had “medical challenges” but did not provide more details. He requested that he not be required to pay spousal support when their divorce became final.

Ms. Walker has been charged with molestation, unlawful sexual intercourse,12 counts of child endangerment, and furnishing alcohol to minors.

As California is a “no-fault” state, one spouse can file for divorce without the other party having to be at fault. If the other party agrees to the divorce terms, then it is a “no-contest” divorce. If, however, one spouse disputes the divorce terms, then it is a “contested” divorce, and the court will have to become involved in the proceedings.

Steps for Filing Divorce in California:

· One spouse files for divorce and serves the other spouse with divorce papers · The spouse who has been served the divorce papers had 30 days to respond · A judge makes temporary child custody, child support, and spousal support terms · Both sides exchange pertinent information and documents regarding assets, income, expenses, and debt. Depositions may also take place at this time.
· Settlement terms are negotiated. A Marital Settlement Agreement is filed if both sides can reach an agreement. If not, the case has to go to trial until there is an agreement.
· Once there is an agreement, a Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage is filed.

After signing the agreement, or once the trial has ended, one of the divorce lawyers will prepare and file a Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage.

In California, a “divorce” takes a minimum of six months to become finalized once a divorce petition is filed.

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