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Fremont Divorce Attorney Discusses Divorce and Children

Fremont Divorce Attorney Discusses Divorce and Children

While getting a divorce can cause people to spiral into an emotional abyss; the people that get the most hurt are often times the children. Children thrive on routine, and when their lives are turned upside down it manifests in different ways. James M. Robbins in his article The Costs of Rising Divorce Rates Across the US gives us some helpful reasons and effects on children of divorce. While many children grow up happy and healthy following a divorce, studies have shown that this not always the norm. According to Robbins’ research children of divorced parents are effected in some of the ways below:

• Are more often involved in abuse or neglect.

• Have more health, behavioral and emotional problems.

• Are more involved in crime and drug abuse
• Have more incidents of suicide.

• Perform poorly in reading, spelling and math.

• Are more likely to repeat a grade, drop out and be unsuccessful completing college degrees.

• Will likely earn less as adults than children of intact families.

• Lose their virginity at a younger age.

• Are less likely to have children of their own.

• Are more likely to divorce as adults.

• Are more likely to grow up in a level of poverty.

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