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Fremont Divorce Attorney Discusses Division of Assets

Fremont Divorce Attorney Discusses Division of Assets

Besides matters relating to children, the division of assets is often the most hotly contested issue that arises during divorce proceedings. Over the course of a marriage, a couple’s finances become intimately intertwined and separating finances can prove time consuming and frustrating. Divorcing spouses must split all of their finances, property and assets and this can be a long and arduous process that must be mediated by an outside entity such as the courts and a judge.

Each state has its own laws about how people are to divide their property. In California, we are a community property state and determining who owns what can be a very complicated process. The first step in dividing property is determining what community property is and what constitutes separate property. Separate property usually includes gifts, inheritance, and personal injury settlements, pensions acquired before marriage and a separate property or business. Sometimes separate property can become mixed with community property, which complicates an already complex situation.

The most common types of community property that become issues during divorce include family homes, pensions acquired during the course of the marriage, family businesses, and any jointly owned property that cannot be clearly identified as separate. These properties often take quite a bit of time to process and if they are not distributed equally, the court can sometimes mandate that they be sold in order to compensate for the inequity of asset distribution.

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