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Fremont Attorney Discusses Family Law and Divorce Issues

Fremont Attorney Discusses Family Law and Divorce Issues
In the latest Newsweek article by Dahlia Lithwick, he discusses both family law and divorce issues and how the family court system today perpetuates stereo-types of men who are unsuited to care for their children. These stereotypes then come to haunt the father in future, especially when it comes time to stand before the judge at a child custody hearing.

Lithwick claims that despite the fact that divorce is rarely triggered by violence or abuse, women find that there are benefits to alleging that the man may be abusive in the relationship. This is because it is often times easier to believe that a man is an aggressor in a relationship than a woman. Once allegations are made it is hard to see the man in another light other than hostile. A comment made in anger during a fight can be turned into a character assassination on the man that can cost him visits with his children in the long run.

Lithwick says that it does not help that the media has chosen to focus on such notorious fathers such as Clark Rockefeller. Clark Rockefeller recently captured the attention of the news when he allegedly kidnapped his 7 year old daughter during a supervised visit in Boston on July 27, 2008. Rockefeller is now facing charges of felony custodial kidnapping, assault and battery, and assault and battery with a deadly weapon. He has also had at least 7 different names and aliases since the early 1990’s. Fathers like this put fear into the family court system. They make fathers, even non-violent, caring fathers seem like they have the potential to become frustrated and ultimately hostile. This leaves dads on a less than equal playing field when fighting for custody.

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