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Divorce Of Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock To Be Final In May

Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson will be officially divorced on May 28. A judge from the Los Angeles Superior Court finalized the terms of their divorce last week, and the divorce will go through following the mandatory six-month waiting period. The two celebrities filed separate petitions for divorce on November 27. They cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for their divorce.

The rocker and the former Baywatch star were married for four months. Neither party requested spousal support nor did they have children together. According to the terms of their divorce, Rock and Anderson will divide the shares of the company that they own together (and plan on selling) RR & PA, LLC, down the middle. They will not have to share any property or income that they acquired while married to one another, and both Rock and Anderson will pay for their own attorney fees.

The two first got engaged in 2002, but they separated before getting married. Last year, they started dating again and announced in July that they were getting engaged again. They got married three times: Once, on July 29 in St. Tropez, on a yacht; during a civil ceremony in Beverly Hills on August 3; and at a wedding party in Nashville, Tennessee.

In California, divorce can only be filed on the grounds of irreconcilable differences or incurable insanity. California is a no-fault divorce state. This means that one person can file for divorce even if the other person does not wish to separate. It also places fault for the failure of the marriage on both parties by acknowledging that both persons contributed in someway to the relationship’s demise. The no-fault divorce prevents parties from having to spend weeks determining who was at fault for the relationship’s breakdown.

If a couple has been married for five years or less, they may file a Joint Petition for Summary Dissolution of Marriage. Couples can qualify for this type of divorce proceeding if the cause of divorce is irreconcilable differences, either spouse has fulfilled California’s residency requirement for filing for divorce, the couple do not have children together, the value of any community property is under $25,000, the couple did not accrue, during their marriage, debts higher than $4,000, separate property for each couple does not exceed $25,000, the couple are in agreement about the division of assets, both individuals are refusing spousal support, neither spouse is contesting the divorce, both parties have agreed to the terms of the Summary Dissolution, and both spouses wish to divorce.

Couples that do not meet the requirements above must file a regular divorce petition.

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