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Divorce Between Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards Is Final

The marriage of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards is officially over. The divorce process, which Richards initiated in 2005 when she filed for divorce-citing irreconcilable differences-in Los Angeles Superior Court, came to a conclusion last week. The next phase for the former couple is to settle the division of property matter, as well as decide who will have custody of the children. Sheen, who is allowed supervised visits with their two daughters is seeking joint custody. The former couple did sign a prenuptial agreement before they were married.

Because of this, they will not have two divide their assets 50-50 as stipulated by California law in this community property state.

In California, the divorce process is known as the “Dissolution of Marriage.” Once a person who files the dissolution petition at a California Superior Court, the divorce process begins. A divorce petition is served to the other spouse, who (as the respondent), must respond to the petition within a set period of time. In the response, the spouse must either agree to or disagree with the petition and respond to any issues addressed in the petition, including issues regarding:

· Division of property.
· Child custody.
· Spousal support.
· Child support.

If a person doesn’t respond to the divorce petition within a set period of time, he or she will have defaulted their right to respond.

During the divorce process, temporary orders may be issued while the proceedings are taking place. These orders may be related to:

· Child custody.
· Child support.
· Child visitation.
· Spousal support.
· Who gets to live in the couple’s home.
· Who will take care of which financial responsibilities.

The Discovery process allows attorneys from both sides to exchange information regarding finances, properties, income, and debt to help the court make decisions regarding property division, support, custody, etc.

If a settlement cannot be reached between the two sides, then the divorce case may have to be settled in court during a divorce trial, where testimonies will be made and evidence given.

Either way, a judge must approve the terms of the divorce in order for it to become final.

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