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Celebrity Divorce Update: Juanita Bynum

Recent Updates from one of our San Jose Divorce Lawyers reports that Pentecostal evangelist Juanita Bynum has filed for divorce from her husband and business partner, Bishop Thomas Weeks III, following a brutal domestic violence incident that has inspired Bynum to focus her fame and energy on advocating for victims of domestic violence. In a press conference on Tuesday, September 6, 2007, Bynum addressed the August 21 incident, and reassured her fans and colleagues that she viewed her emerging role as the self-proclaimed “face of domestic violence” as a “social contribution.” Shortly thereafter, Bynum appeared on an international Christian talk show to reclaim her position in the national spotlight, and news began to trickle through the airwaves that she had served Weeks with a divorce petition. Weeks, who blames the devil for Bynum’s domestic violence accusations, is currently facing multiple charges related to the August 21st beating, including felony aggravated assault, felony terroristic threats, and two misdemeanor counts of simple battery. If convicted, he may serve a maximum prison sentence of 27 years. Although Weeks maintains that he hopes to work things out with Bynum, a future reconciliation does not seem very likely. Bynum’s divorce petition cites “cruel treatment” as a main argument for ending their marriage, and states that the union has been “irretrievably broken.”

Felony assault charges are only the most recent of Weeks’s legal troubles. Bynum and Weeks launched Global Destiny Ministries in 2006 as a husband-wife team, and quickly built a small media empire out of their entrepreneurial efforts. While Bynum has garnered national recognition and support as a televangelist, Weeks faces severe legal repercussions for mishandling the financial aspects of the ministry. According to Gwinett County court records, Bishop Weeks owes about $50,555 in back rent payments for his Duluth, GA church, as well as approximately $48,000 in delinquent payments for a billboard purchased to advertise his ministry. Additionally, a former employee of Weeks accused him of inappropriate physical conduct in escorting her off of the church grounds about 8 months ago. In spite of his rapidly mounting legal woes, Weeks continues to preach at the Global Ministries church, while Bynum has moved on to promote her new ministry aimed at helping female victims of domestic violence.

As in the Bynum-Weeks case, divorce proceedings are often accompanied with controversies related to financial issues and mutual accusations of cruelty and mistreatment. Claims of cruelty and domestic violence arise in many divorces, and attorneys at Sagaria Law in Santa Clara, Alameda, and Monterey Counties are highly equipped to help clients confront such issues. Whether you are a victim of domestic violence, or have been accused of committing violent acts against your spouse, attorneys in our San Jose, Fremont, and Monterey offices will advise you of the best legal course of action to take. In addition, attorneys at Sagaria Law have experience practicing bankruptcy law, and will utilize their specialized knowledge to meet your financial planning needs throughout your pending divorce.