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San Francisco Family Law Attorney comments on how the rise in male suicide in family law cases can be reduced through less contentious divorce proceedings.

A recent article on the rise in male suicides that are part of family law cases is worth looking into. This is not a uniquely American issue – the researchers looked at data from Canada, Australia and Europe – before coming to the conclusion that divorce and custody fights play a role in the rise in suicides among men, who may believe the scales of justice are tilted against them.

One way to address this is to have less contentious divorce and custody proceedings. Divorce mediation is one approach that has shown an ability to reduce the stress and contentiousness of divorce and child custody proceedings. Divorce mediation has several benefits over a litigated settlement. First, the couple using divorce mediation typically has a better relationship, which benefits their children. Second, they also have an ownership stake in the decision since they helped create it rather than having a judge impose a decision. Third, divorce mediation costs much less than litigation, often one-third of the cost of a litigated divorce. It also allows the couple to learn how to work together on contentious issues, which will benefit them down the road.

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Sacramento Divorce Lawyer Discusses How Even Celebrities Gets the Blues
Even celebrities with very unusual behavior gets the blues. Jackass star wife of Johnny Knoxville filed for divorce two years ago. They were officially divorced in March, 2008 in a bifurcated proceeding, reserving all financial matters for resolution at a later date. Just last week, Knoxville (real name: Philip John Clapp) settled with his ex-wife Melanie Clapp, agreeing to pay $6,000 monthly in child support for their 13-year-old daughter, Madison.The former couple split in July 2006 after 11 years of marriage. According to reports, the financial statement appears to be a fairly even split of marital property. Melanie was awarded half of their bank accounts and half of Knoxville’s residuals from the Jackass franchise and Dukes of Hazzard film, pursuant to the terms of their agreement. Knoxville retained his share of several production companies. The parties will share joint custody of Madison, their daughter.

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San Jose Divorce Attorney Discusses Divorce and Separation

Even though people are very emotionally taken under during a divorce, separation can also lead to a great deal of physical harm as well. It makes sense since when your psychology and emotions are affected, it will show in you physically as well. CTV news has an article regarding the effects of divorce on a person’s health. Researchers found that women in unhappy marriages are more likely to experience injurious effects to their health than men. Although both genders are likely to suffer from general depression resulting from a strained marriage, women more frequently suffer from signs of “metabolic syndrome”: including high blood pressure, obesity and other risk factors of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. In fact, men for the most part did not face an increased risk of metabolic syndrome at all. Involving 276 couples aged 40 to 70, the study entailed couples filling out several questionnaires, including three to examine positive aspects of marriage quality; three to measure negative aspects of marital quality involving arguments and feelings of hostility; and four to determine symptoms of mild depression.

It’s best to keep a cool head and realize that divorce happens to many people, but it’s all in the way you deal with it. The way you deal with things can mean health and happiness in looking forward to a new life, or stress that can hur you physically down the line.

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Redwood City Divorce Attorney Discusses Social Networking and Divorce: Yays and Nays

Now that everyone and their dog (or their spouse) is on Facebook, MySpace and the various other social networking sites, individuals can easily keep track of friends, family and even ex-spouses. Its either the best thing to happen for divorcing families or the worst.

Couple of things to watch for on these sites if you are getting divorced:

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San Jose Divorce Lawyer Discusses West Wing Actor is Divorcing Malcolm in the Middle Wife

Bradley Whitford, known primarily for his role on The West Wing, is divorcing his wife of sixteen years, Jane Kaczmarek. The parties have three children together, and have professed to the media a desire for privacy so they can focus on their children.

The longtime couple lives in Los Angeles, and filed for dissolution in Los Angeles County. This means their dissolution will be controlled by California community property law. Possible issues include custody and visitation, support (child and spousal support) and property division.

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San Francisco Divorce Attorney Discusses Different Visitation Schedules for Different Families

With all the discussion of Jon and Kate Gosselin’s separation and divorce, its property got a lot of people wondering, how on earth will they share those kids? From the news reports it appears the plan is for the parents to take turns in the house with the kids, which is an uncommon but not unheard of custody arrangement.

Many families with divorced, separated or never married parents have found a way to successfully share visitation time with the children. For some families, a traditional alternating weekend schedule works. Others include a weeknight or weekday visit, which sometimes is also an overnight. Still others try for an equal vistitation split of the children, alternating weeks – a schedule which works well when parents live nearby and can successfully co-parent the children. For younger children whose parents want an equal timeshare, a popular schedule is the 2-2-3. In that schedule, the parents each take two weekdays, and then alternate the weekends. So Mom may have Mondays and Tuesdays, Dad has Wednesdays and Thursdays, and then they alternate the weekends, so each parent has five consecutive days at a time.

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San Jose Family Law Attorney Discusses the What Happens to the Children When a Parent Dies

With the death of Michael Jackson, and a potential custody battle arising between Katherine Jackson, the mother of Michael and Debbie Rowe, Jackson’s second wife and the biological mother of Prince Michael, 12, and Paris, 11, much talk has arisen about what happens when a custodial parent dies.

Generally, if a custodial parent dies while the child is a minor, the surviving parent would be entitled to sole legal custody. Other third parties such as aunts, uncles or grandparents may try to obtain custody of the child by filing an independent proceeding such as a guardianship, dependency or in the case of grandparents, a Petition for Grandparent Visitation. The other family members may be awarded custody if they can show that it would not be in the child’s best interest to be in the custody of the surviving parent and to do so would be detrimental to the child.

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Sacramento Family Law Attorney Discusses Affect of Filing a Family Law Case on Travel with Children

Now that we are in the midst of summer and vacation plans are being made – visits to grandma’s house, trips to Disneyland, etc., many people who are in the early stages of a family law case should be aware of what their limitations may be and plan their vacations accordingly.

Often times when someone opens a family case – either a dissolution, custody and visitation or paternity case, they are usually unaware of what exactly the repercussions are of filing. In California, when a family law case is opened, a Summons is issued and a standard family law restraining order is issued. This is also referred to as the Automatic Temporary Restraining Order (ATRO). The Petitioner, party who filed the case, is automatically subject to the ATRO upon filing the case, and the Respondent is subject to the ATRO upon being personally served with the Summons.

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Fremont Divorce Attorney Discusses an Exception to the Rule

People magazine reports that the Countess LuAnn de Lesseps divorce is now complete. The process was relatively expedient, given the high amount of assets and issues involved. The Count and Countess dissolved their union after 16 years of marriage and producing two children, Victoria, age 14 and Noel, age 12. Although the full details have not been disclosed, it appears that the Countess has received a very generous spousal and child support award, primary custody of the two minor children, and a $7.5 million estate in the Hamptons. She even gets to keep her title! This relatively simple resolution of their marital issues is certainly not the norm, especially in the current economic climate.

In California, couples that have decided to end their marriage are currently often faced with the consequences of short-selling or allowing their homes to go into foreclosure because neither spouse can afford to maintain the mortgage payment on one income. The inability to sell the family home for a profit creates a severe hardship for parents hoping to use equity from their home to start over. This often leads to increased demands for spousal and child support, which creates additional acrimony in an already difficult situation.

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San Jose Divorce Attorney Discusses How the Recession Changes Face of Divorce in California

As the economic downturn continues to damage housing values, force job losses and cuts in services, one thing that has not changed is that couples are still divorcing, child support is still being sought, and property is still being divided. What has changed is how those divorces are proceeding, in terms of financial awards and assets.

One of the largest assets in any divorce is typically the house. That asset used to have, particularly in California, equity which could be used to either buy the other party out or sold and divided equally between the parties. Frequently, we are now seeing that the houses not only have no equity, but that the parties owe substantially more than the house is worth, and often, the parties are behind on payments, or will be when the two-income household is no longer in existence. This poses a dilemma for family courts, parties and attorneys – how do we get divide a negative asset? Every couple has to decide for themselves, but options include a short sale, returning the property to the bank, or allowing the party who can make the mortgage to assume responsibility for the property.