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Bay Area Child Support Attorney Comments on New Child Support Convention

Last Friday, November 23, 2007, representatives from 68 countries gathered in the Hague to finalize the text of a new international convention intended to make it easier for parents to collect child support from parents living in other countries. The new convention calls for countries to exchange information and employ measures such as wage assignments, withholding pension payments or tax refunds and making deductions from welfare payments. Countries may also use measures such as revoking or denying drivers licenses. Among the nations signing the text were the United States, Canada, Australia, and Brazil along with several major European and Asian countries.

California law already allows the use of similar measures to collect child support from in-state and out of state parents. However, it can be very difficult to collect child support when a parent has left the United States. The new convention, which organizers hope will come into force within three years, will hopefully make it easier for parents, with the help of child support authorities, to collect child support.

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