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Actress Kate Hudson’s Husband, Rocker Chris Robinson, Files For Divorce

Black Crowes lead singer Chris Robinson filed for divorce from actress Kate Hudson last week. In the divorce petition that he submitted to Los Angeles County Superior Court, The 39-year-old rocker cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for their divorce. Although they had separated in August, the couple have been married for almost six years. Robinson wants joint custody of their 2-year-old son Ryder Russell Robinson. Hudson, an academy award nominated actress, is the daughter of movie star Goldie Hawn.

Some common divorce terms that one may encounter when filing for divorce in the state of California:

Filing Party: The person who is initiating the divorce process by filing the papers in court.

Non-Filing Party: The spouse who is not the initiating petitioner of the divorce with the courts.

Superior Court of California, County of ___________: The divorce papers are filed in the county where the filing party is a resident. The person must have lived in this county for at least three months and in California for at least six months.

Initial Dissolution of Marriage Document: This is the title of the document that the filing party must submit to Superior Court in order to begin the divorce process.

Final Dissolution of Marriage Document: The document that states that the divorce is finalized. A judge, referee of court, or master must sign this document in order for the marriage to be legally over.

Kinds of Divorce:
In California, the two main reasons that one can file for a “no fault” divorce are 1) incurable insanity and 2) irreconcilable differences. A “no fault” divorce means that the spouse that is filing for divorce doesn’t have to prove anyone was at fault in order to request a divorce.

California is one of a numbers states that do not allow a “fault divorce” filing-even if there would be cause to file for one. Causes for fault divorce:

· Cruelty (inflicting unnecessary emotional or physical pain) — this is the most frequently used grounds for fault divorce.
· Adultery.
· Desertion for a specified length of time.
· Confinement in prison for a set number of years.
· Physical inability to engage in sexual intercourse, if this was not disclosed before marriage.

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Chris Robinson Files For Divorce From Kate Hudson, Fox News, November 20, 2006
California Dissolution of Marriage Definitions

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