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86-Day Tauck Divorce Trial Outlasts Any San Francisco Bay Area Divorce Trial in Recorded History

As lengthy divorce cases go, no Santa Clara County divorce trial in recent history can beat the recent divorce trial of Connecticut travel magnate Peter Tauk. After 86 days in the courtroom and $13 million in legal expenses, Tauck’s divorce trial was finally settled, awarding the Westport man sole custody of his children and the ability to keep the majority of his assets. Upon reaching settlement, Judge Holly Abery-Wetstone reflected that “this case represents not a victory for either parent, but a tragedy for everyone involved.” The four offspring of Peter Tauk and his wife, Nancy, have been at the center of one of the longest divorce trials in recorded American history-a battle that included a mother’s scathing allegations of sexual abuse by the father, and ended with the judge ordering that both parents undergo treatment for alcohol addiction. In the end, Nancy Tauck ‘s claims that her husband subjected their children to ongoing abuse were found to be “false and spurious” by Judge Abery-Wetstone, who restricted Nancy’s future contact with the children to 10-minute daily telephone calls, and supervised visitation for an unspecified amount of time.

While this case may seem far-removed from the Bay Area, the issues it involves are actually quite common in divorce cases. Our Alameda County divorce lawyers, for example, have worked with numerous individuals who stand falsely accused of wrongdoing by their ex-spouses, and attorneys at SagariaLaw will fight to protect the dignity and integrity of our clients. Our attorneys have experience working with child custody cases in Monterey County, Santa Clara County, Alameda County, and the greater Bay Area. Whether our clients are involved in a trial that takes half an hour or 86 days, family lawyers at our San Jose, Fremont, and Monterey offices make it a priority to ensure that clients understand the necessary steps they must take to achieve the best settlement possible.